Daily Frieier Proud to Announce Launch of New Boardgame “BDS Twister”!



By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 7/2/2015 at 9:30 AM

Ann Arbor:

Today the Daily Freier is proud to announce the launch of its exciting new boardgame, “BDS Twister“!  BDS Twister lets committed and self-identified “peace activists” find exciting new ways to square their progressive ideals with their tacit support of regimes under which being gay is illegal but honor killings are no big deal.  Daily Freier reporter Harun Kenoğlu covered the product launch today at Ann Arbor’s “People’s Third World Anarchist Food Co-Op” with the details.

“This game is amazing” noted an excited Ethan Smith as he contorted his body on the vinyl game board.  “The spinner landed on ‘Palestinian Unwed Pregnant Woman Killed by her Brothers and Cousins; They Get Six Months Suspended Jail Sentence‘, which is a tough one, but then I was able to contort my arms and shoulders and touch the circle for “Because of The Occupation”!  Winning!”

An equally excited Willow Amoud explained her winning moves. “I landed on ‘Gay Youth flee West Bank for Safety of Tel Aviv’, twisted my torso, popped my elbow, which is easy ‘cuz I’m double jointed, and landed  one hand on “Because of the Gaza Blockade”,  and the other on “Stop Pinkwashing!”  Double points!

Dylan Cohen, a grad student getting ready for a Masters program this Fall at Tel Aviv University, was beside himself with excitement. “So with BDS Twister, I can protest the Separation Fence, I mean ‘Apartheid Wall’, wave my American passport at the Border Police if they get too close, then return to Tel Aviv by nightfall knowing that because of the Wall, I can go out clubbing and drinking without the fear of getting blown up!  Amazing!”

Daily Freier contacted BDS organizer Omar Barghouti, who was less than thrilled but seemingly unsurprised  that a Jewish guy found a way to make a quick buck off of BDS.

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