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Persian man rushed to Hospital after doing Housework

Persian man does housework Daily Freier

By Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 8/8/2016 at 12:10 PM

Tel Aviv, Sourasky Medical Center: A local man suffered a brush with death yesterday, but fortunately lived to tell about it. Afshin, an Israeli of Persian heritage who grew up in Los Angeles, was rushed to the hospital after performing several minutes of housework that went horribly wrong. Afshin explained his personal trauma to the Daily Freier in the Ichilov Hospital cafeteria while taking a break from the constant procession of random cousins who stopped in to make sure he was OK and had enough to eat.

“So I was staying at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Givatayim. And everyone was out of the house shopping I guess. And I was hungry. I sat in the living room for like an hour and no food showed up. So I decided to go into that mysterious room that my mom, aunts, grandmother, and sisters go to when they bring out food. I think it’s called…..the……the………”

The Daily Freier interjected.  “The ‘kitchen’?”

Yeah, that’s it. ‘The kitchen.’ Anyway, I went to ‘the kitchen’ to find some food. I couldn’t find much. Just six chelo kebabs, chopped salad, hummus, some soup, pita, olives, and a bowl of couscous. You know, a snack…. So when I was finished I decided that, what the heck, I would like ‘wash‘ the ‘dishes‘ I used.” Afshin paused and stared out the window into the distance. “Yeah. I know, I know. What the hell was I thinking?

Afshin continued to describe the dramatic events. “So I run the glass under really hot water.  To make it clean. But I guess glass doesn’t like to be under really hot water sometimes. And it like exploded. So my hands are all cut up. I ran outside and managed to get a taxi to the hospital…… And here I am.”

The Daily Freier asked Afshin if he learned any lessons from his personal journey. “Yeah. I am  NEVER EVER  going in the kitchen ever again. Like….EVER.











Building’s Pigeon problem much better. Also, really nice Moroccan family moved in upstairs!

pigeons nice Moroccan family Daily Freier

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

By Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 6/19/2016 at 11:40 PM

Tel Aviv, Ibn Gabirol:  Ever since you moved into the studio apartment the pigeons have been a nightmare.  They wake you up every morning at 04:50 AM. They hang out on the window sills and poop everywhere. They even got into the old ventilation shaft and built a nest in the building. And they’re so cocky.  They don’t even fly away when you walk by.

This is a health hazard. You complained to your landlord, and he told you that nobody else has ever complained before and that maybe you are doing something to attract them. It was so bad you almost moved out. So you asked for advice on Secret Tel Aviv and received ten “Welcome to Israel” messages, three “Go back to North America” messages, and a really sketchy private message.

But then suddenly things got better!  Not nearly as loud. A lot less poop. And it’s getting better every day! Like there’s less and less of them or something.

Also, this really nice Moroccan family moved into the vacant apartment upstairs.  They really take care of you too!  Twice last week they invited you over for dinner. The chicken and rice was A-MA-ZING.  Really lean.  Kinda like the free range birds you used to get from Trader Joe’s. You asked the mom if she got it at the Shouk or Supersel and she just smiled and told you that you needed to talk less and eat more if you ever want to not be so skinny.

And every evening the grandfather carries this thing that’s like a net up to the roof. It also has these copper weight around the edges.  He says it’s to stop evil spirits from coming into the house at night. How amazing is that?  It’s like extra protection.

So when you left the house this morning, the two pigeons standing outside scattered when they saw you. Like they’re a bit scared now or something.