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“But Birthright said Tel Aviv was nothing but hot Army Chicks!”

But Birthright said Tel Aviv was full of hot Army chicks Daily Freier Israel News

This is ridiculous. Birthright are a bunch of damn liars.  According to the brochure I should be riding a camel to a hummus restaurant with like two Army girls by now.  But no. This town is crawling with dudes.  If I wanted a sausage fest, I could have stayed in Jersey for the Summer. I just feel cheated. Especially because I talked so much shit to the bros before I left last week. And now I have no good stories.

And where are all these guys’ clothes?  I don’t get it.  I mean it’s hot out, but not that hot.  It’s hardly June.  And what do all of the flags mean? I just don’t get it.  And why is everyone in such good shape?  That dude over there is ripped.  The cuts on his triceps and abs are ridiculous.  I bet he lifts. I wonder what supplements he uses. Creatine maybe?  I should go ask him.


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“Is he Gay or just being Israeli?” – a Helpful Guide for Pride Week Visitors

Is he Gay or Just being Israeli? Daily Freier

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By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 6/4/2016 at 3:20 PM

Tel Aviv, HaYarkon: Employees from the  Tel Aviv Municipality Tourism Office continue to distribute a helpful and informative pamphlet to our out-of-town visitors this week: Is He Gay or Just Being Israeli? A Visitor’s Guide to Pride Week“.  Tourism Office Spokesperson Galit K. discussed the initiative with the Daily Freier as we walked along the HaYarkon Promenade.

We see this pamphlet as a true win-win. Sometimes visitors have a difficult time figuring things out here in Israel. So the city stepped in to help.”  Galit pointed toward several men in Speedos on the beach play-wrestling in the sand and grabbing each other.  “Do you see those men?  Now a visitor might have a preconceived notion, but they are in fact just Army buddies…..who clearly wax and pluck……and have an excess of hair gel and highlights…..and appear to be listening to Eyal Golan……OK, I see your point.

Galit continued to explain the initiative. “Do you see the two men over there at the cafe?  One of these men owns Capri pants, loves to dance, has on a silver lycra tank top, and calls his mom twice a day…… And the other one is into dudes.

Galit admitted that the “Is He Gay or Just Being Israeli?” campaign experienced a setback when the entire first batch of pamphlets were taken home to be read by frustrated and confused women who actually live in Tel Aviv, but that more pamphlets are on their way to hotels and hostels throughout the city.  When the Daily Freier challenged Galit on recent reports that the Mossad is jamming the nation’s Gaydar, she quickly told us that she had another appointment and had to end the interview.

Tel Aviv Shops Display Rainbow Flags to Honor 50% Price Increase this Week

Tel Aviv Rainbow flags Raising Prices Daily Freier

By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 6/2/2016 at 4:30 PM

Tel Aviv, Dizengoff: People all over town are excited to welcome new and old friends from the LGBT Community to Tel Aviv this week.  In honor of this auspicious event Tel Aviv businesses are festooned with Rainbow Flags to celebrate an a 50% increase in prices. The Daily Freier spoke with Tel Aviv Cultural Affairs Chairperson Safir H. to find out just what this is all about.

Tel Aviv is a very special place.” explained Safir. “This is the only city in the Middle East where you can enjoy a beer for $11 regardless of how you identify.” Safir pointed to a pub displaying the Rainbow Flag. “And if you see the flag this week, rest assured that if you purchase a drink, you can purchase a second drink for exactly the same price.”

We are Proud to Have You Daily Freier Pride Week

As Safir continued down Dizengoff Street, the Daily Freier noted a sign on a business that said “We are so Proud to Have You“. Safir explained that this sign was a result of budget cutbacks. “This sign was actually shortened due to funding constraints. The original design was ‘We are so Proud to Have Your Money.’ But we had our funding cut and had to improvise. Welcome to Israel.”

As we passed a local eatery, Safir said hello to her friend Yoni the proprietor. “We welcome everybody to our restaurant.” explained Yoni. “Stonewall, ACT-UP, Marriage Equality…these were just steps on the path to me charging you 120 NIS for a Buffet Brunch.

As the Daily Freier ended the interview and entered a taxi, the tearful driver explained why this week is so special for him. “Tel Aviv is like nowhere else in the world. Today I am celebrating diversity by refusing to turn on my meter! But for 100 Shekels I can drive you to Savidor.



Popular Tel Aviv Bartender Rumored to be Straight

Daily Freier Tel Aviv Pride Week Popular Tel Aviv Bartender Rumored to be Straight

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By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 7/29/2015 at 1:20 PM

Tel Aviv, Kikar Rabin: Gossip is circulating in Central Tel Aviv of a potentially scandalous development, that the new bartender at that cool place off of Ibn Gavriol Boulevard is, in fact, heterosexual.  Well-regarded bartender David S. has found himself subjected to a whispering campaign by his customers and co-workers.  The Daily Freier Cultural Affairs reporter was on the scene hearing the word on the street.

I just feel that there’s been a lack of honesty,” noted concerned patron Avi T.  “I always thought that we had a good rapport.  I even planned to introduce him to my Cousin Brian when he visits in late August.  But last night after I got up to go to the bathroom, I’m pretty sure he started macking on my girlfriend.”

Co-worker Devorah C. was also  looking for answers.  “I’ve known David for almost a year and he’s just the best.  But I don’t know what to think. Ever since I made Aliyah, my gaydar is way off.  It’s like the Mossad is jamming it or something.  I mean just last week at the Namal Boardwalk I was hassled for 10 minutes by a sleazy guy wearing capri pants.  Capri……pants.

As the Daily Freier departed , a German tourist with a goatee informed us that if David is in fact straight, he wasn’t last night.