Tel Aviv offers free Life Coaching to People with Inappropriate Names for their Wi-Fi Networks

boobsnetBy Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 11/6/2015 at 12:30 PM

Tel Aviv, Kikar Rabin: The city of Tel Aviv launched an intensive outreach this week, trying to help some of the most vulnerable among us: those who feel the need to give their Internet Wi-Fi networks really, really, really inappropriate names. The Municipality is offering a wide range of life coaching and personal development courses, free of charge, to the affected communities. Tel Aviv Cultural Affairs Chairperson Safir H. explained the city’s rationale:

There are people out there who are crying out for help.  Crying out for help by naming their Wi-Fi ‘Boobsnet’ or ‘Bibi is Shit’, which I have to admit we all laughed about at the office.  Some people even name their Wi-Fi ‘F-ck Off’, or ‘Free F-ck“‘ and finally,….. “  Sapir paused, retained her composure and continued. “I’m sorry but this is just like totally gross.” 


The Tel Aviv public is rallying behind the measure, with citizens praising the move.The Daily Freier talked to concerned citizen Matan G. about the new initiative. “So I’ve been stealing unprotected Internet from my neighbors for the last couple of years and I’m always looking for an open network.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon ‘F-ck Off’ last week.  I just felt violated.  This needs to stop.” 

Bibi Wifi

Wifi f#ck off


Safir outlined the initiative’s mix of personal development classes and one-on-one life coaching.  Later she allowed the Daily Freier to tag along at an evening group therapy session conducted in an unused classroom at Ulpan Gordon. As a circle of a dozen men and women (OK, OK, they were all guys) listened attentively, the group facilitator walked them through a scenario speaking slowly, loudly, and deliberately. “So expressing ourselves?  That’s OK. Naming our Internet after our private parts? That’s NOT OK.  OK, now you try it. Expressing ourselves?” At this point the class answered in unison “OK” The facilitator continued. “Naming our Internet after our private parts?” At this point half of the class answered “OK“, three answered “NOT OK”, and one answered “Big Butts!”







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