The “Dear Daily Freier” Advice Column is Back!

Dear Daily Freier

Guess whose back?  Why trust your instincts or your friends when you can solicit advice from us?  So today we are dealing with a true crisis that is currently shaking Tel Aviv society. Let’s take a look….


Dear Daily Freier: So I went out with my friends last night and it was a really nice time but at the end of the night I realized I forgot my jacket.  But don’t worry, I remember the exact description of the place I left it.  It was a bar. On Dizengoff. With long outdoor tables. And very tall stools.  Oh yeah, and the wait staff kinda ignored us the whole time. So Dear Daily Freier, do you think you can help me?

Feeling Hopeful,



Pinchas– No. No we can’t.


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