Choose your favorite Daily Freier story of 2020!

Hi Freiers! So umm, 2020 was sort of Interesting. Now is your chance to relive the weirdness as the Daily Freier went toe to toe with Corona, Dizengoff Center, Secret Tel Aviv almost going away, and Bingo Cards. Because while we wrote a bunch of stories, only one story can be the People’s Choice for 2020. So read these stories again, commit them to memory, and vote for your favorite. Also, since some of you are so incredibly Extra, you have the option to write in your own favorite candidate. Unlike other votes in Israel, we’re only doing this once. Winner will be announced on Monday.

Choose carefully, Freiers.

1) My Ex from Haifa is a Pig and won’t give me a Get. No you don’t understand. He is. A Pig.

2) Introducing: The Israeli Barbie Collection!

3) UAE cancels Peace Treaty after arrival of Israeli Tourists

4) Tomorrow at 4:20 PM, the whole Country will stand on our balconies to salute our heroic Weed Dealers

5) “No I can’t describe her appearance… she’s a woman!” Jerusalem bank robber escapes again

6) Israel sends Emergency Team of Election Experts to Iowa

7) Let’s play Hen Mazzig -vs- Ariel Gold debate Bingo!

8) The Daily Freier is now sitting Shiva for Secret Tel Aviv

9) “It’s a Hate Crime against Anglo Olim!” Tel Aviv woman reacts calmly to cost of spices

10) “The Oleh who learned Hebrew during Quarantine” and other Fairy Tales

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