Hundreds compete to be named Tel Aviv’s Worst Bartender

Tel Aviv's Shittiest Bartender Daily FreierBy Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 9/17/2016 at 5:00 PM

Tel Aviv: The city is abuzz this weekend with some exciting action: the competition to be named “Tel Aviv’s Next Top Shitty Bartender“. Tel Aviv Municipality’s Cultural Affairs Chairperson Safir H. explained. “While it’s true that the Imperial Cocktail Bar was recognized as the Best in the Middle East, we felt that this discriminated against one of the Start-Up Nation’s Core Competencies: Indifferent or Slightly Hostile Customer Service.” Safir took the Daily Freier down to the competition site on Ben Yehuda Street to scope out the talent.

The Municipality had set up a mock bar where competitors were run through realistic scenarios to include:

  1. Customer just interrupted you while you were texting your boyfriend.
  2. Customer wants ice.”
  3. “Customer at all-you-can-drink event has the chutzpah to ask for another drink.”

While all of the competitors were amazing, some simply stood out for their awesome lack of a give-a-shit. The Daily Freier spoke with one of the stars, a guy named Avner, about the events so far.

So these people kept annoying the hell out of me. Just really stressing me out. What do you call those idiots who hang around the bar asking for things when you’re trying to check Tinder or work on your Start-up?

The Daily Freier helpfully added “Customers?

Yeah that’s it. Anyways, these ‘Customers‘ kept bothering me. I mean, it’s not like I work for tips or anything.

The Daily Freier then spoke with Romi, who seemed a bit frustrated from one of the tougher scenarios: “Giving the customer change“.

OK, this guy gave me 200 shekels for a 135 shekel bill.” explained Romi.  “So the idiot kept waiting for me to give him some money back or something. Whatever. I just assumed that the rest was my tip. I mean, I’m kinda hot.

After being tested for three hours, Sapir was ready to crown a guy named Yoav the winner. Unfortunately Yoav stepped out for a smoke break thirty minutes earlier and had not yet returned.







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