Top Ten Worst Things to hear in the Missile Shelter

  1. The Nachman Dancers need help carrying their sound system down the stairs.
  2. Who else wants to talk about Veganism?
  3. You’re just in time for our Settlers of Catan tournament!
  4. Umm, why does your safe room have furry handcuffs on the wall?
  5. We turned our Miklat into a CrossFit Gym!
  6. Guess who has a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity for you!
  7. Hurry up, Kerem House is performing a Musical downstairs!
  8.  There’s nothing to read down here except Haaretz!
  9.  Shhh! India is starting her Tik-Tok video!
  10. I think this is the Sublet that I saw on Secret Tel Aviv this morning.







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