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Cartoon Networks sue Politicians for Plagiarism

Cartoon networks sue politicians for plagiarism Daily Freier

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

By Lee Saunders

Last Updated 7/20/2016 at 3:00 PM

Los Angeles: A multi-billion dollar lawsuit threatens to embroil the entertainment industry this week after it emerged that the latest characters from CPN (the Cartoon Political Network) – Bibi Be-Man, Boris “Brexit” Johnson and “The Donald” resemble iconic Disney and Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, in both appearance and speech.

It is the first time cartoon characters are expected in court since Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and raises the real possibility that the famous white glove of Mickey Mouse may be forced to swear on a Bible in the witness-box.

Allegations focus on Be-Man, the nickname for Israeli PM Bibi, who was likened to the muscular blonde Master of the Universe cartoon from the 1980s. The revival has seen him increase his monthly barber’s bill (short, back and sides) from the $1,800 spent while at the UN in New York, to a whopping $20,000 (L’Oreal colour, shade 5) although this is still less than his formidable princess of power, Sarah She-Ra Netanyahu.

Speaking of the power of Greyskull(s), The Donald has been this week accused of plagiarizing cute cartoon bird Tweety Pie. “I tawt I saw an immigrant, I did, I did!!” he cried at the Republican National convention in Cleveland. It may have been his first wife, Czech Ivana or his Slovenian third wife, who this week was also accused of ripping off vast chunks of Michelle Obama’s first speech. Scandalous. When we know Michelle is the most effectual Top Cat, the indisputable leader of the gang…..of Democrats on their way out to see Officer Dibble.

Across the pond, fans of clueless and hapless pooch Scooby Doo were left wondering about the inspiration for Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson. At his first awkward date with politicians in Brussels since the Brexit, Boz leaped out his seat during talks on saving Greece to express “Zoinks, there are times like this when I would literally do anything for a Scooby snack….I’d even put the UK back in!” Angela Merkel, resembling a stockier Penelope Pitstop, shrieked “Hayulp, Hayulp” before Silvio Dastardly Berlusconi, Italy’s boomerang Prime Minister Emeritus, appeared behind her to smack her on the arse again.

The much-anticipated court case will follow the spate of recent personal injury/idiocy cases stemming from the Pokemon Go phenomenon, which saw people fall off bridges and sidewalks while looking for things that were purely imaginary. Bar Refaeli collapsed with exhaustion while looking for her tax receipts.