Tel Aviv Psychic Allows Locals to Communicate With Friends and Loved Ones Who have Moved to Ra’anana


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By Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 8/5/2015 at 9:20 AM

Tel Aviv, Allenby Street: Mystical and exciting things are happening in Central Tel Aviv. Renowned  psychic Madame Rivka has been guiding residents on their spirit journey to contact those who have left this plane of existence and crossed over to live in the city of Ra’anana, 25 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.  Madame Rivka allowed the Daily Freier to sit in on one such session last week.

As Madame Rivka prepared for the encounter, local businesswoman Jennifer K. explained what brought her to seek out a psychic.  “My friends Lisa and Ben moved to Ra’anana after they got married, and I literally never saw them again.  It was so eerie.  One day we were going to the Jaffa flea market, and then, BANG!, they were gone. Like to another parallel universe.”

Madame Rivka slipped into a trance and soon made contact with Lisa and Ben.  “They say they are bored.  Very, Very bored.”

“Wow, can you ask them if they’re ok???  Are they suffering???” replied an astonished Jennifer.

Madame Rivka seemed to go into a deeper trance and replied “It’s hard for me to get an answer to this question.  They keep repeating a mantra over and over again: “Good schools. We have a yard. Good Schools.”  It’s just hard for me to break through this wall of rationalizing and self-delusion.”

Jennifer then asked Madame Rivka when she would see her friends again.  “They say that you should come and spend Shabbat with them after the Holidays.”

At this point Jennifer laughed and said “Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen.”

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