Kinda sure your neighbor is renting out his Sukkah on AirBNB


Daily Freier Sukkah

By Yekutiel Bornstein and Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 9/29/2015 at 2:00 PM

Tel Aviv, The Old North: OK, this is weird, but you’re almost positive that your upstairs neighbor (yeah, yeah; the one who was stealing your Wi-fi last year. That guy.) is renting out his Sukkah on Air BNB. First of all, you went up to the roof on Sunday night to see the Eclipse, and there was a sign on the Sukkah wall for “HaYarkon Rooftop Cabins“. In English and French. And now the guy delivering the porta-john to the building last week makes perfect sense. Plus this really polite English couple knocked on your door this morning asking if they could use your shower.  Because, they explained, the ‘rustic cottage with the palm frond roof and canvas walls‘ apparently doesn’t have….. ‘a washroom‘. Well you will NOT stand for  this.  This is totally illegal and violates every housing code in the city.  You are going to march up to your neighbor’s door and tell him in no uncertain terms……that for 200 Shekels you never saw nothing.


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