Couple who met on Yitzhak Navon Escalators are still on Escalators, just broke off Engagement.

“Stop Escalating!”

By Emily Goldstein

Last Updated 9/8/2022 at 5:30 PM

Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Anglo Scene is in turmoil with news today that one of this Summer’s Fun Couples is On The Outs. Shayna and Zachary, who met in late July on the escalators in the Jerusalem Yitzhak Navon Train Station, are in fact still on the escalators…. and just broke off their engagement.  You see, the kinda new High Speed Train from Tel Aviv is kinda fast, but it drops you off about 11,000 meters below the city (Don’t question our Numbers. This is Science.) So unless you want to risk getting hip-checked while you jockey for a precious spot on the elevator, you’re going to be on the Escalator for a LONG TIME. Which is great if you want to “meet cute” like Shayna and Zachary, but after a while it just gets old. The Daily Freier was on the scene to find out just where It All Went Wrong.

I just need to think about my future.” confided Shayna. “Yesterday I asked Zachary where this all is even going. You know what he said? ‘To the top.’…. This is exhausting.

What’s he even doing with his life?” Shayna continued as we stepped onto the next escalator. “I mean, he’s always just sort of ‘around’. Does he even WORK?Shayna sighed with exasperation. “Just what Jerusalem needs… another guy without a real job.”

Look at him. He’s mentally checked out.” Shayna noted as Zachary fiddled with his phone. “What could he possibly be doing that’s so important?” At that moment, Zachary turned around with an announcement. “Wow, today’s Wordle is Impossible!”

As Shayna rummaged through her purse for some gum, we had a chance to talk to Zachary, who had misgivings of his own. Ever since we met it just feels like I can’t even control my next step.” he complained as we continued upward. Zachary then fearfully looked in all directions from the escalator. I feel trapped.”

As The Daily Freier ended the interview, Zachary and Shayna seemed to have reconciled while sharing a laugh about a weird/funny Jerusalem restaurant review by Shimshon Leshinksy.





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  1. Israeli hostility toward Judaism?

    Most definitely. Religious Jews, especially Jews living in g’lut, they hold no monopoly upon the Torah inheritance of the Jewish people. Pre-Shoah rabbinic leadership fell flat upon their face. That leadership opposed the establishment of the Jewish State through aliyah.

    One of the most pronounced foundations “Israel’s” first leaders sought to instil, in their great social experiment a normal and natural disdain for religion, more specifically Judaism. Most definitely an accurate statement. Post Rambam Civil War Judaism has gone so far off the path, this “Judaism” does not even discern the difference between Jewish Common Law and Roman Statute Law! So most definitely yes, Zionism despises the arrogant religious Amish fanatics who dress up in 17th Century Polish garments and circle their Conestoga wagons against the savage Zionist “Red Man”. Contempt goes measure for measure.

    Rabbinic Judaism abroad fails, it totally fails to address the horrific consequences of assimilation and intermarriage rates and the outbreak of anti-Semitism. Move on, nothing to see here, herd mentality narishkeit. These arrogant rabbis, dress in long robes and furry hats, they condemn Israeli secularism. Pre Shoah they likewise condemned secularism. Despite the fact that secular Jews made aliya and fought and won Israeli national Independence! That secular Jewry supported the Status Quo Agreement. These self-righteous religious fanatics have absolutely no shame, even less so any gratitude.

    They piously revel like pigs in mud, their status as g’lut Jews. Regardless of the fact, that Reshonim scholars have taught that g’lut Jewry cannot keep the commandments; the commandments that g’lut Jews observe serve only as a remembrance and nothing more. G’lut Jewry does not know, much less asks, what distinguishes a Torah commandment from Torah law? These self-righteous mud-covered squealers do not even know that משנה תורה means common law. The fundamental contradiction of the Rambam Roman statute law code, which stole the name משנה תורה, this tumah abomination does not even strike the Haredi in the least bit as incredibly odd.

    As far as concerns their conceited faith, Rabbi Yehuda’s codification of the Mishna codified the Oral Torah. Never once does it occur to these benighted folk that the Book of דברים, rules as the Oral Torah over the other four Books of the Written Torah. Despite the fact that the Talmud in Sanhedrin teaches that Moshe gave over the Book of דברים on his last day on this earth, and that someone other than Moshe concluded the Book of דברים. Again, these squealers of religious faith have never addressed this רמז to the “Oral Torah” within the Written Torah. That Mishnaic common Case/ Rule law bases itself upon משנה תורה common law which interprets the four Books of the Written Torah by means of משנה תורה commandment precedents!

    These squealers condemn Zionists for our abandonment the ancestral faith. Based upon the premise that these squealers serve as the guardians and protectors of the Jewish sealed masoret traditions. Post the Rambam Civil War, almost no rabbinic authority, other than the Rosh and the surviving Baali Tosafot learned the Talmud as common law! Never a single commentary written on the Rif and the Rosh which learns the halachot as precedents to understand the language of the Mishna. The commentaries on the Tur and Shulchan Aruch how much more so! Yet these folk, who proclaim themselves as the guardians and defenders of the sealed masoret traditions?!

    Never has any of these squealers ever learned the first Sinai commandment based upon the precedent of צדק צדק תרדוף לשמה. These squealers do not strive to re-establish the Sanhedrin lateral courtrooms within Israeli society. These squealers do not discern the distinction between the Great and Small Sanhedrins; that the latter can rule outside the current borders of the Jewish State; based upon the precedent that Moshe himself established 3 cities of refuge on the other side of the Jordan river. These squealers do not study the Talmud to understand the k’vanna of the Siddur. K’vanna addresses the substance of faith rather than the ritual forms of faith.

    These assimilated squealers confuse God with the Torah obligation to assuage disputes through just courtroom decisions. Nor do they grasp, much less question, the structure of the 3 Man courtroom. That two of these justices serve as opposing prosecutor and defence justices who argue the Case before the third Judge, in a lateral common law courtroom. These Haredi squealers do not smell their own body odour stench, yet continuously complain that Zionists don’t use deodorant. Samuel Joseph Ish-Horowitz, wrote as a Zionist: “The Jew must negate his Judaism before he can be redeemed.” Amen Amen.

    The Poop made no protest of the 1943 Nazi massacre of the Jews of Rome. The Poop compares to g’lut Jewish rabbinic leadership which argues that Jews when confronted by anti-Semitism: The need to keep a small profile. The Poop focused Vatican interests, on protecting narrow Catholic interests. G’lut Yiddishkeit, when confronted by violent anti-Semitism compares to the defence taken by the chameleon lizard, it hides itself.

    G’lut rabbinic Jewish leadership has collectively failed to condemn Jewish assimilation and inter-marriage as avoda zarah, the First Cause for violent anti-Semitism. G’lut Rabbinic Judaism, post WWII, seeks to make the rabbinic leadership of the 1930’s into canonized saints. G’lut Jewish rabbinic leadership embraces an opportunistic justification of “constrained by circumstances”, a popular excuse made to justify Poop Pius XII.

    Communism to this Poop directly compares how Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism perceived Zionist leadership in the 1930’s. Orthodox political parties within the Jewish state today, solely represent their own tiny percentage of Jews who believe their Orthodox religious narishkeit theology. The Poop policies toward the Nazis, no different. Zionism to this tiny minority of religious fanatics perceived on a similar plane with how the Poop of WWII viewed Communists.

    Stephen Wise’s policy of neutrality and quiet assimilated accommodation of FDR’s decision to bar closed, the gates of US borders to Jewish European immigration vs. Zionist Peter Bergson demand that either the US or an American Jewish army save European Jewry. Which behaviour best reflected the Torah ideal? Yet Traditional Judaism never denounced their assimilated Reform colleagues as traitors to the Jewish people; but did slander and attempt to stamp an evil Name upon Zionism.

    All stripes of religious Judaism leadership failed during the decades prior to WWII. The comparison between how the Poop denounced Communism and his silence toward Nazism, this author holds similar to the language expressed by Traditional Orthodox Judaism to Reform Judaism vs. Zionism. The Poop muzzled Catholic criticism of the Nazis. Traditional Orthodox Jewish leadership harshly condemned Zionist efforts to build the Jewish State in the 1930s. Only after the rise of Hitler’s Germany did Wise make an abrupt about face of Reform theology and validate a Jewish state!

    The Poop made attempts to save converted and intermarried Jews from the Nazis. Assimilation and intermarriage define and highlight American and European Jewish populations today. The similarity between the actions taken by the Poop of WWII, and modern religious Jewish leaders in g’lut, makes for a striking, even shocking comparative analysis. Fear and perfidy define the character of that ignoble Poop and all stripes of leadership representative of g’lut religious Judaism. Both this and that merit nothing but complete and total contempt.

    The Poop played a role of neutrality in the hope of being a player in the Peace Negotiations. This policy of abomination exactly duplicates EU policy directed at Jews prior to the Wars of Independence in 1948 and 1967. Following the Arab total defeat in the latter Israeli War of Independence, the EU – lead by Catholic France – threw off all pretences of neutrality when Paris wrote up UN Resolution 242.

    That pious UN Resolution openly favours an international alliance which would partition Israel and Jerusalem like as did the Allied victors carve up defeated Nazi Germany and Berlin! Not a single Rabbinic authority denounce UN 242 as imperialism! The religious Jewish responses concerning UN Resolution 3379: Zionism is Racism, compared to the hollow invective directed act Jimmy Carter’s book, which referred to Israel as an Apartheid State! The UN World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa based its condemnation of Israel upon the book: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid.

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