Top Ten Life Hacks from The Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel

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Tensions are currently running a bit high in Eretz Yisrael. Religious and secular Israelis have spent the last few weeks publicly irritating one another and making big withdrawals from our Joint Checking Account at The First Bank of Shalom Bayit. So naturally our beloved Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef thought this would the PERFECT moment to dunk on secular Israelis. This week he publicly pronounced that eating non-kosher food makes you stupid. Yet this was not the Rabbi’s only great idea this week. The Daily Freier pestered Rabbi Yosef’s office until he provided us with even more of his homespun wisdom. So without further ado, behold: Rabbi Yosef ‘s Top Ten Life Hacks:

1) Mixing wool and linen increases your Cholesterol.

2) If you eat a dairy meal, wait 6 hours before you update your Norton Antivirus.

3) Listening to Ehud Banai while preparing Shakshuka makes the eggs all runny and gross.

4) Using the Ashkenazi pronunciation of Taf increases your chance of getting Covid by 50%.

5) Wrap tefillin tomorrow or the butter in your refrigerator will start to smell like the asparagus.

6) Checking your phone on Shabbat leads to Athlete’s Foot.

7) If a city doesn’t have an Eruv, flip your couch cushions over.

8) Don’t skip Mincha or else your laundry will have a lot more static cling.

9) Hang a photo of Ovadia Yosef in your house to make your Shputznik respect you more (OK this one actually works).

10) Dressing immodestly can demagnetize your Rav Kav.



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