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Tel Avivians ask Artist with Exhibit of Pop Tarts …. where did he find Pop Tarts

Daily Freier Art Gallery Tel AvivBy Aaron Pomerantz

Last Updated 6/14/2016 at 3:30 PM

Tel Aviv, Ben Yehuda: The entire city is talking about the exciting modern art gallery on Ben Yehuda and its avant-garde exhibit featuring Campbell’s Soup, Cheez-Its, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Pop Tarts.  The Daily Freier took a break from its busy schedule of reading Secret Tel Aviv in order to break this story.

It is just amazing what the artist did here.” gushed Neve Tzedek resident Avi N.  “It is a critique of our Shared Model of Existence on this Planet…….. Do you know where he got the Pop Tarts?  I’m dying over here.

I’m just in awe.” noted Jaffa writer Tamir H. “Standing in this gallery, one has the feeling of being trapped in a circus of absurdity and despair….. or, you know, a semi-decent Western Supermarket that has things I want at reasonable prices.”

Alert local Ronit S. was ecstatic. “This artist is a genius.  He has captured the nihilistic sadness hiding within modernity….. and I’m really hoping he does something with Diet Cherry Coke next time.

Daily Freier Tel Aviv Art GallleryThe studio curator seemed frustrated as patrons attempted to remove individual pieces of the sculpture depicting cartons of Ritz Crackers and Idaho Spuds Mashed Potato Mix, and bring them to his desk as if it were a checkout cash register. “What is wrong with these people? This is not Supersel!” he exclaimed, before quietly placing the carton in a plastic sack and pocketing 40 Shekels.


American Woman Feared Missing After Failing to Start Blog Within 72 Hours of Aliyah

December_Charter_Flight(Photo Credit: Nefesh B’Nefesh)

By Mark Levy

Last Updated 3/31/2016 at 1:00 PM

Tel Aviv, Derech HaYarkon: The concerned family of an American Olah Hadashah flew to Israel early this morning after receiving no indication that their daughter Sarah had started a Blog about her life in Israel since arriving on Monday. Sarah, a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, arrived on a Nefesh B’Nefesh flight and has yet to create an online platform to describe her interactions with the juice guy on the corner, how to buy fruit in the Shuk, or how silly the ‘newbies’ on the Birthright tour look.  Her parents, Leah and David P. of Lexington, Massachusetts, met with Consular Officials  before holding a joint press conference at the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv.

We’re just looking for a sign that she’s OK, like maybe a really, really, really long story about the kindly Russian-speaking grandmother who stopped to help her when she was lost and crying in Shuk HaCarmel before Shabbat.” said a despondent Leah P. “I’m not saying I would actually read it, but it would still be a relief.

I just wish she would do an “Only in Israel” entry like her Cousin Melissa always does on that Blog she writes.” stated her father. When The Daily Freier pressed David for details that would indicate such an entry, he admitted that he had never actually “read” any of Melissa’s entries, but rather subcontracted the task to Dylan, his 12 year old son. Dylan, who would read the entries and provide his father a typed “Cliff’s Notes” version suitable for feigning familiarity with the blog when Melissa Skyped them, was currently charging his dad $10 per Blog post or $15 in credit for Minecraft upgrades.

Dylan, who described his cousin Melissa’s Blog as “Lame“, “Stupid“, and “Eat, Pray, Love only whiter” vowed that if his sister was OK and started blogging, he would charge his dad “Like 20 Bucks or something” to read any of Sarah’s future entries.  Dylan smiled and turned to his father on the conference room podium.  “And every time she posts an entry that saysOMG breakfast in Israel is A-MA-ZING’ I’m charging an extra 5 Bucks….. 10 if she also Instagrams the food.”

UPDATE: A U.S. Embassy spokesperson happily announced that Sarah is alive and well and “hanging out at Mike’s Place”. The spokesperson went on to explain that Sarah failed to start a Blog because she was busy creating a new Facebook page dedicated to Israel Advocacy and pictures of her new life here to include documenting the coffee hafuch she purchased from Aroma yesterday, a guy on a bicycle walking 12 dogs on Ben Yehuda Street, and a matkot game on Metzitzim Beach.  Her relieved parents promised they would check it out.  But they were lying.