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G-d spare’s Onan’s life after he sort of apologizes on CNN

Last Updated 1st of Sivan 1476 BCE

Valley of Sorek: The Holy One Praised be He has decided to spare the life of Onan son of Judah, a Man whose life has recently been jerked off course taken an unfortunate turn. Onan had been instructed to get his brother’s widow Tamar pregnant, but he pulled out of his commitment at the last minute, angering HaShem and placing himself on The Tetragrammaton’s Naughty List. Yet Onan was able to redeem himself by appearing on CNN and making a half-assed apology. Let’s go right to the transcripts!

Elisheva Bat Camerota: Hello and Welcome to CNN. Apparently a man did something with his pickle, yet here I am with the immense privilege of interviewing him. Sarcasm if you didn’t notice.  Hello Glass Ceilings. Anyway, here’s Onan Ben Yudah. Hi Onan. Umm, what’s up?

Onan Ben Yudah: Hello Elisheva and thank you for having me. Right off the bat I would like to apologize to anybody who was offended by my actions. Also I would like to thank The Creator for being a good sport about all of this and not striking me down.

Elisheva: Yeah, Adon Olam is really giving you a second chance. Have you had a chance for reflection?

Onan: I just feel that we need to put this into context. I mean, the George Floyd Protests. Trump. Corona. Trump. The Kim and Kanye Breakup. Trump….. I was under a lot of stress.

Elisheva: So you were looking for some stress relief.

Onan: Yeah I guess so. The important thing is that we all move on from this and look toward the future. Like looking for my Lost Uncle Joseph.

Elisheva: Yeah where exactly was your dad on the day Joseph disappeared?

Onan: Umm… So let’s talk about the Friends Reunion! Don’t they look great?

Elisheva: OK Onan, thanks for stopping by the Studio. Coming up, Tamar talks about her personal journey and the mysterious older man she recently met up with!

Onan: The title of my new book is “Oops!”  Available on Amazon!


From now on we only write stories about the Jerusalem Sinkhole

(photo credit: Twitter)

So on Monday afternoon a giant sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of a Jerusalem Hospital, swallowing cars and generally behaving badly. Some people blamed it on the Shidduch Crisis. Others blamed it on the Jooz(really). But the Daily Freier went a step further, and will stop all other activity for the immediate future as we doggedly pursue multiple stories about this Enigma of a Sinkhole. So without further ado, here is a list of our upcoming Sinkhole Stories.

1. “I’m a Start-Up.” Jerusalem Sinkhole rebrands himself

2. Shas blames Sinkhole on Naftali Bennett

3. Outrage after Sinkhole goes on Secret Jerusalem and asks where he can get a bacon cheeseburger

4. “Have you wrapped Tefillin today?” Chabadnik stops by the Sinkhole

5. Bibi says he can’t leave office “until we fix the Sinkhole crisis

6. Rashida Tlaib claims that her grandmother used to live in the Sinkhole before the Naqba

7. Leaked audio reveals Sara Netanyahu screaming at the Sinkhole about her Masters Degree

8. Sinkhole’s wife wants to move to Ramat Bet Shemesh because their current kitchen is too small

9. “Was he secretly Messianic?” The Sinkhole’s Jerusalem Minyan has its suspicions

10. Bar Rafaeli says she really wanted to pay her taxes but the sinkhole stopped her

11. CNN begins referring to the “Occupied Arab sinkhole”

12. “What about Tzfat?” Nefesh b’Nefesh invites the Sinkhole to explore their “Go North” program

13. Sarah Tuttle-Singer shares a taxi with the Sinkhole and they discuss Tamar from the Bible for 3 hours

14. The Sinkhole starts lying about his Army service to impress Taglit girls

15. Jerusalem Sinkhole canceled after his old tweets surface

16. Litzman blocks efforts to extradite Sinkhole to Australia on sex charges

17. Ariel Gold informs the Sinkhole that he’s actually from Spain

18. Sinkhole claims he’s enrolled at Or Sameach but I see him in Crack Square every night smoking weed

19. Jerusalem Sinkhole claims that Maktesh Ramon is his cousin

20. Liami is trying to Keep the Sinkhole in Israel

Guest Writer Wednesday Presents: Planet Breathes Easier as Santa Signs Global Warming Pact


By Lee Saunders

Last Updated 12/23/2015 at 6:20 AM

Paris: Jingle bells chimed loudly at the Paris Energy Summit this week after Santa Claus agreed to reduce his carbon footprint by slashing his sleigh’s extraordinary use of fossil fuels and fit it with lunar panels. The agreement also sees a reprieve for the Amazon Rainforest as Santa banned receiving letters from children, preferring emails at poorsuckers@smail.com.

Father Christmas is one of the primary causes the world is burning up fast and is responsible for a range of natural disasters and parental poverty. Experts claim he burns 300 trillion tonnes of fuel every year as he whizzes around 180+ countries in little more than six hours on a 1970s hostess trolley. The deal, which could offset all damage done by industrial nations by as soon as Christmas 2020, caused Leonardo Dicaprio and Al Gore to wet themselves.

St. Nick’s chief reindeer Rudolph told CNN: “Basically, we have all been badgering him that we have had a good run, really. It’s Jesus’s day anyway but we’ve been doing this for years now and me and the boys are tired. The elves have got arthritis from packing so fast and it’s hard to breathe in the fumes. How do you think I got this shiny red nose? It’s blood poisoning, not Comic Relief. Prancer is riddled.

While the health implications for his staff are one factor, there is evidence that the Clauses, worth an estimated $56 trillion, have been under pressure to change their extravagant ways for some time. Iceland’s volcanic eruptions are believed to have been triggered by Santa’s luxurious private jet as he returned from the wholesalers. Sixteen elves had to be hospitalized at Lapland General after toxic paint was thrown over them by campaigners furious at deforestation and the use of expensive paper to wrap Christmas selection packs and socks from Walmart.

Santa has cut out 23 countries from his world tour, agreed to the no-fly zone over much of the Middle East and also refused to go down any chimneys, choosing only to drop gifts into the green and blue recycling bins. The decline in presents will see 45 elves and four reindeer lose their jobs. Some will be taken on as extras and donkeys in the annual Nativity play.

In the U.S., where frantic parents were desperately building solar panels and wind turbines out of Lego in back gardens, Donald Trump hailed the new entrepreneurial spirit of the American people. The presidential hopeful caused a Twitter storm when he unveiled plans to increase reindeer hunting licenses and revoke any tourist visas for the Claus family if they ever set foot on U.S. soil. “Santa no longer shares our cultural values and I will not allow his environmental extremism to hurt our quality of life.” he vowed. “Well, no more than Shell, BP and Haliburton anyway.